The Girl Who Chased The Moon

Hi, I'm Emma, from Scotland, UK. Currently studying journalism.
I currently write for Leaky News, while at college.
I love all things fandomy and am addicted to travel.
Any questions, ask away!

Starkid at Invasion Sunday boys panel: Do you have any drunk college stories?

  • Joe: I put my head through a window once. It was when I was 21 and I could legally drink - so I did to excess. And at the end of the night I came home and sat down on my couch that was next to this window. I somehow so floppily sat down that my head went right through the window and I didn't notice or even get hurt. There was literally like all this glass and dirt in my hair. Darren and I almost share a birthday, but he was in Italy at the time doing a semester there. So the next morning I was like sorry I didn't call you last night and he was like, what are you talking about, you did call me. And I couldn't understand a word you were saying.
  • Joey: This is like the stupidest story. There was this show that Jaime and I did and I played like this homeless person. That was all I did in the show. This is the only time I've ever done this but all us homeless people were doing shots before the show. I only had a few lines, so it gets to act two and we're laying on the stage and have to get up to do this prayer. So I had laid down on the stage and just fell asleep. And Brittney, who was in it too, had to keep waking me up because she was like, you're snoring. So I'm crawling across this stage and my hands slipped on this piece of newspaper and I fell face first and got the worst bloody nose. And I had to just stuff a bit of the paper up my nose to stop the blood and carry on.
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