The Girl Who Chased The Moon

Hi, I'm Emma, from Scotland, UK. Currently studying journalism.
I currently write for Leaky News, while at college.
I love all things fandomy and am addicted to travel.
Any questions, ask away!

Starkid at Invasion Sunday girls panel: Do you have any drunk stories from college?

  • Meredith: I literally did not touch a drop of alcohol the whole four years I was at college.
  • Lauren: I was too drunk to remember. No, I didn't really drink that much either.
  • Meredith: Although once, our friend Sarah had like these golf ball eyes after drinking. Like, her eyes swelled up to the size of golf balls and we were all just like "".
  • Denise: Okay, so one time I had a drink. And I hadn't really drank that much before. It was late and my friend had called me after breaking up with her boyfriend and had invited me over for a glass of wine. But she gave me it in like this beach cup and it was half the bottle. So I was drinking it ad was like "Oh, this is wine. It's like sugar water", and ended up drinking the whole thing in like 30 minutes. So I got up to go home and was like "oh no. Oh no", like I was so drunk and suddenly thinking that this was how I had lost my virginity and I was so upset like "It wasn't supposed to happen like this". So I had been going to the gym and went along onto the treadmill and I was running and couldn't feel my legs and I kept thinking "Am I drunk? Is this what drunk is?". So I went back to my dorm room and went to do a push up. And I had done one push up and fell on my face. I had like this bloody nose and then my room mate came home and I was just sitting crying.
  • Jaime Lyn: This story is kinda gross but it wasn't me, it was my room mate. Back in freshmen year, my room mate came home so drunk and threw up in the brita water filter. And then it like, started to filter her vomit. Told you it was gross.
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